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UK Ancestral visa

Defined as:

" 5 year multiple entry visa that allows commonwealth citizens, including South Africans, to claim working and settlement rights from grandparents that were born in the UK."

This visa has no work restrictions. After the initial 5 years, South Africans can apply for further extensions. Thereafter can nationalize as British nationals, subject to showing sufficient intent to permanently reside in the UK.

Cost of the visa

The Ancestral visa costs GPB275 which is approximately R5500*. This is the non-refundable UK government fee payable to the British High Commission in Pretoria. *Last editied April 2014 - please check Move Up's UK Visa Fee page for monthly change.

Move Up charge a case fee of R5300 for the main applicant and R2500 per family dependent (eg. spouse and children). Move Up's case fee works on a full refund guarantee principle. The full refund guarantee works on the basis that in the unlikely event of not being awarded the visa first time round, their case fee will be refunded in full.

Documents needed to claim Ancestral rights

Full birth certificates, stating parents and childs details, need to be used for this application.

Further information about general supporting documents can be found on the Supporting Documents page.

For an accurate checklist, that is South African friendly, contact Move Up for their visa representation. Move Up offer a detailed break down on what documents are needed for a successful application.

Move Up charge a case fee in their representation and only supply their checklists once an applicant engages in their representation.

How long does it take to be issued?

Generally the Ancestral visa takes 20 working days to be issued, once submitted with VFS. In some cases it may even take 15 working days. The time consuming factor is gathering the correct supporting evidence.

The next step in the UK Ancestry visa

Call or email Move Up - UK Visa Solutions (www.moveup.co.za). Confirm your eligbility and sign up.

021 761 4608

For general information email: info@moveup.co.za For technical queries email: guru@moveup.co.za

Please Note: Move Up are currently Cape Town based and provide visa assistance for South Africans both nationally and internationally. In 2012 alone we have helped South Africans in all 9 provinces as well as South Africans in USA, Canada, New Zealand, Zambia and Australia.

This means even if you are not in Cape Town, we can definitely help in your UK visa application. No matter where in the world you are.

Correct supporting documents

Evidencing the exact qualifying criteria is crucial in obtaining a successful result in this application. Family members (partners and child dependents) can join the main applicant with the same working rights.

The key to single or family based applications is making sure all the submitted supporting documents are correct.

Where to apply for the visa?

South Africans have to first contact Move Up to confirm their eligibility, thereafter an online application is uploaded in order to secure an appointment at the applicant's local VFS. Thereafter applicants have to submit their qualifying supporting documents with their passport in person at their local VFS center. Move Up cannot submit visa applications on the clients behalf given that the

More information about how to submit the UK visa application can be found the following page: How to apply


Move Up - UK Visa Solutions
For optional visa agency representation.

+27 (0)21 761 4608

Department of Visas and Immigration
To pay R25 per minute to speak to UK visa officials.

+27 (0)21 300 3758
00 44 1243 217 959

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