UK Visa Fees For South Africans

This is our new integrated version that has been created to better communicate how UK visas operate in SA. Ultimately the purposes of these websites is to communicate which visa best suits your intent and that Move Up is best able to assist you in a successful application. With this in mind, we encourage you to contact us with any visa questions you might have.

UK visa fees

Payment of the UK visa fees.

South Africans can only pay for their UK visas directly on the visa4uk website. The British government does not accept any other form of payment. Therefore EFT, cash deposit or moneygram are not acceptable means of paying for UK visas.

Move Up has put this website together to help South Africans find out more about How To Apply for UK visas.

What are the UK visa fees for?

The UK government charges administration fees for each visa and these fees are quoted in Pounds Sterling (GBP). These visa fees fluctuate on a monthly basis in South Africa.

Currently the consulate rate of exchange is GBP1.00 = ZAR20.00 (last edited June 2015).

Lasted edited June 2015
Visa Category UKBA Fee (GBP) Move Up
Case Fee
UK Visitor Visas
6 Month Visitor Visa R1700 (£85) R1600 R3300
2 Year Visitor Visa R6480 (£324) R2200 R8680
5 Year Visitor Visa R11760 (£588) R2500 R14 260
10 Year Visitor Visa R14 740 (£737) R3500 R18 240
Direct Airside Transit Visa R600 (£30) R1300 R1800
Visitor In Transit Visa R1120 (£56) R1300 R2420
UK Ancestry R6480 (£324) R5300 R11 780
Business Representatives R10 700 (£535) R7900 R18 600
Tier 1 Highly Valued R18 880 (£944) R7500 R26 380
Tier 2 Skilled R11 280 (£564) R6500 R17 780
Tier 4 Student R6440 (£322) R5800 R12 240
Tier 5 Youth Mobility R4500 (£225) R4800 R9300
Dependents of UK Settled Persons R19 120 (£956) R8500 R27 620
Dependents of EU Passport Holders None R5900 R5900
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Take a look at the UK Goverments latest visa prices on Move Up's visa fee page: UK Visa Fees for South Africans.pdf.

Full Refund Guarantee

Move Up is currently the only visa company that offers a full refund guarantee. This guarantee works on the principle that in the unlikely event of an applicant not being awarded their visa first time round after being represented by Move Up, their Move Up case fee will be refunded in full.

There are no hidden costs or motivation to take on as many applications as possible.

If you would like to find out about how to apply, click here


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